The Easiest Way to the Most Accurate Estimates

Measure, design, and estimate your exterior home improvement projects in one place.

How It Works

Snap a Few Photos

Use our mobile app to take 8 photos capturing each angle of the home. We’ll automatically upload them to the cloud and take it from there.

Transform Your Photos

Using our patented technology, we transform your photos into a fully measured and customizable 3D model. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Review Measurements

Access all roof and siding measurements within the 3D model in our app or online. Or export via PDF, Excel, or other file formats.

Design in 3D

Change the roof, siding, and windows using real materials from brands like GAF, JamesHardie, and Alside. See the finished project with our fully shareable 3D model.



‘To-the-inch’ accuracy on all complete exterior measurements including all roofing, siding, windows, surface areas, and openings.



Interactive 3D Model

All the measurements and drawings of each elevation a contractor needs. Soffit, fascia, and flashing are all easily viewed leading to faster, more accurate and transparent estimations.

Property Portfolio

Easily access and share your property information by address, location and more. Find property details in seconds to access information while at the job site or the home office.

Photo Capture & Storage

Take pictures in any order and capture as many as you like. Review and edit before you submit to build the 3D model. Document your property with free photo storage.

Interactive Design

Try new finishes and colors in a precise 3D model of your home. Add stone facade, special accents like shakes in a gable, replace stucco or explore new color combinations.

Single or Multi-Family Homes

HOVER works for single-family homes, townhomes, and multi-family residential properties. Tight lot lines, urban or rural areas even with some vegetation or obstructions.

HOVER Prospect

Capture and store property photos at no cost, and order the measurements and 3D model at any time in the future.

HOVER Connect

Invite homeowners to take photos of their own home for a remote estimate or simply to get the 3D model and complete measurements before your first meeting. Learn More


Data Exports

Export your measurements to help with estimation in PDF, Excel, JSON or XML formats. Export your 3D model into popular CAD types: SKP, DXF, DWG. Export all of your photos to your computer.

Workflow Integrations

From CRM to Project Management to Estimation, our integration partners help you to streamline your workflow. See our partner integrations.

*NEW* Pro Connect

Invite anyone in your company with Pro Connect for maximum workflow flexibility.


Multi-Platform Sync

Works seamlessly across your computer and smartphone device. Access your HOVER data from the field or home office anywhere, anytime, on any Apple or Android device.

Create precise estimates in Xactimate with HOVER’s .esx files.

.esx files are now included in our Membership Plan.

Start Using HOVER

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